Welcome to diehard

Projects and stuff done by Claudio Jeker

While some people use their spare time to design freaky homepages I use my spare time to hack on not so flashy projects.
This page gives a short overview of my work.

OpenBSD stuff

WindowMaker Xinerama Support

Until now the patch adds the absolute minimum (better "smart" window placement) with minimal changes.
To be done: better menu handling, support "automatic" and "cascade" window placement


qmail-ldap (inofficial server)

The Official site is here.

Please have a look at this site first!

What is it:

A patch to stock qmail-1.03 to get all user account information from an LDAP database. It primary target are POP toaster with huge numbers of users (from thousands up to millions).

Sometimes it is needed to have some unofficial patches because I do not have access to the main site and the patches are often developper releases.

At the moment there is no need for an interim release of qmail-ldap,
and please direct all questions to the qmail-ldap mailing-list qmail-ldap@qmail-ldap.org.
A mailing list for discussion of this patch is available,
send mail to qmail-ldap-subscribe@qmail-ldap.org

Note: This is NOT point-and-click-and-then-it-works ware!
You should have fairly good prior knowledge of qmail and LDAP.

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